A 360° Geolocation System

Enable your guests to find their way and be guided to your hotel or to a point of interest with your app.

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Help your Guest to Find his Way to Your Hotel

Direction to your hotel

Localize your guest even if they didn’t activate location service on their device. Help them to find their way to your hotel.

Nearby your hotel

Your guest wants to visit your city? He is looking for a gourmet restaurant? A pharmacy? Guide him to the desired destination without disturbing your staff.

Find their flight

Flight schedule available in real time on your app with tracking on a map. A service for your guests or their relatives, help them to have more information with this feature.

Allow your guests to view all locations of points of interest nearby your hotel on a map

Follow the status of any flight in real time on a map

Improved ergonomics to help your guest to find their way

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