AppHotel Integrates iBeacons in Hotels

Place sensors in your hotel to create a proximity relation with your guests, increase their on-site consumption and strengthen guest loyalty.

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iBeacons in Your Hotel

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Create a New Experience to Your Guests

iBeacons allow you to send targeted messages and engage your guests by being closer to them.

Track Every Interaction

At the entrance

When someone enters your hotel, he receives a welcoming message if he already downloaded your app.

Track Every Interaction

In the Lobby

Once your guest is detected by an iBeacon next to the reception, he is invited to discover and enjoy your restaurants.

Track Every Interaction

Near the swimming pool

You can send him a notification to promote your Spa services, sport club, or products as swimming items.

Track Every Interaction

On leaving

When your guest is leaving your hotel, you can send him a message of thanks or ask for his feedback.

What is the Purpose of iBeacons in Your Hotel?

  • Increase sales

    Send targeted notifications to people inside your hotel and increase your conversions with customized offers.

  • Build guest loyalty

    Once your guest is in your hotel, ask them what they think about their experience to offer them better services.

  • Analyze the traffic

    Know better your guests who downloaded your app and where they are in your hotel.

Set up iBeacons in Your Hotel

Our solution is easy to set up. In three simple steps, you can use iBeacons in your hotel.

Place your iBeacons

Place iBeacons in the most frequented places or in a location where you want to send specific messages.

Create your campaign

Create your promotional campaign on your platform that will send targeted messages to your guest depending on their location in your hotel.

Track your resultats

Analyze how your guests interact with your notifications et how this affects your traffic and sales.

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