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Convert more guests by using our analysis tool. Manage your presence on mobile and use set of indicators to evaluate generated activity for your hotel.

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Real Time Results

Analyze stats in real time and discover what your users are interested in at a particular time.

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ROI Calculator

Watch over your ROI generated from all your mobile channels.

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Number of Calls Received

Track calls generated from your mobile site and app. Determine the number of prospects in real time.

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Geographical Spread

Visualize on a map all indicators in order to better identify which country earned you the most income.

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Follow yours downloads of your different apps and quantify each of your marketing actions by the number of downloads generated.

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Ratings on App Stores

Do your users love your app? Analyze their feelings through our tool.

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Pages Tracking

Analyze the number of views on a specific page of your mobile site and app.

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Distribution by Languages

Know where your users come from and track the income generated according to the language of your guests.

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Know the usage rate of your app and others metrics: visit time, page views, segmentation per date, etc.

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Cross Platform

No need to collect data from different platforms. All your data is centralized and available from desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

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Customizable Graphs

Our interface allows you to have a rapid view on your performance indicators and better understand them with powerful graphs.

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Detailed Reports

Export your different data in CVS format for a better view and to help you in your decision making.

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Tips Included

An expert advice is the key of success on mobile. Use our tips customized for your hotel and convert your mobile presence into income.

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Guaranteed Security

All of your data is SSL 256-bit coded with AES encrypted. We guarantee a confidentiality of your data on our servers.

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Advanced Segmentation

Segment metrics on your dashboard to better understand your results.

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