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Organize and optimize your hotel's productivity for an outstanding management of your hotel establishment.

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An App Dedicated to Your Employees

A solution that benefits from technologies used daily by your employees

An account for each employee

A profile is created for each of your employees from which they can view the tasks sent by the guests, and fulfill requests.

Ranked in order of priority

Tasks are ranked in order of priority according to the deadline given to achieve the request.

Monitor the evolution of tasks

The task have a status depending on its stage: completed, in progress or incompleted. Employees can add notes to each tasks.

Connected to your guests

Your employee can communicate with your guests to get more details about their requests.

Warned by notifications

Your staff is warned by notifications of new tasks and received messages from guests or colleagues.

Data in real time

Updates are made immediately on all devices. New tasks are created as soon as a guest send a request to your hotel.

Operational Excellence for Your Hotel

Maximize your performances in terms of productivity, services quality, and cost reduction.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Minimize wasted time in their everyday work and help your employees to be more organized, focused and productive.

  • Monitoring system of tasks and employees

    Track how tasks are progressing and what your staff is working on. Analyse your staff productivity with indicators and detailed reports.

  • Constantly connected

    Your employee can easily and quickly share, collaborate, delegate or communicate with his colleagues about tasks to accomplish.

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