A Tablet in Your Lobby

Give your guests a voice before leaving. With the Lobby App, regain control of your e-reputation.

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Track and Control Your E-reputation

Collect your guests’ feelings

Finished with paper and email surveys. Opt for a tablet in the Lobby that collects guests’ perceptions before their departure.

Help you build guest loyalty

A tablet that thanks your guests for sharing their opinion with you and which inform you about guests who are not satisfied of your hotel to contact them quickly and make them change their opinion.

An Attentive Hotel Avoid Negative Feedback Online

A customized survey

You can easily customize your questions and answers from your platform. A platform that includes sample questions and a wide choice of answer templates.

Translated in 14 languages

Give the floor to all your guests. Whatever the language they talk, they can answer to your survey.

Refined ergonomics

With an intuitive interface and refined ergonomics, the tablet is easy to use for any guest.

Updated in real-time

Any modification made on your platform is updated automatically on your Lobby App. Moreover, surveys collected are directly visible on your dashboard.

Complaints management

Your tablet thanks your satisfied guests for sharing their opinion and inform your about unsatisfied guests you should contact.

Improve your services

After analysing surveys collected, you can rectify or improve the management and the quality of your different services.

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