Pushes’ Dispatching for Hotels

The best way to engage your guests, to build an experience of closeness, and to promote your offers on mobile is to use push notifications. AppHotel gives you access to advanced features to send intelligent, targeted and relevant pushes.

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Targeted Notifications

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Maximize Your ROI with Mobile

  • Geographic targeting

    Send a message or a promotion according to the user location.
  • Language targeting

    Have better conversion rate by delivering notifications in the user language.
  • Time zone management

    Push Notifications are scheduled according to the user time zone.
  • Schedule your notifications

    A notification for the New Year? Set a specific time in advance to send notifications.
  • A/B testing

    Test push notifications on a specific segment to enhance your user engagement.

Analyze Your Return Rate

To offer a unique experience to your guests, AppHotel allows you to follow-up different indicators about your targeted notifications.

Push Opt-in

The number of pushes acceptation is 30 times higher than emails opt-in. Know who accepted to receive pushes from your app.

Opening Rate

Send a push sounds great. But know if it was opened and used is better! Analyze rate opening of each notification sent.

Segmentation by Device

Discover notifications’ indicators to success for all device types.

Notification Tracking

Our analytics tool helps you to get a high granular level. Track achieved results for each of your notifications.

Streamline Your Communication


Give your staff the possibility to answer to your guests by push notifications directly from their AppTaskManager.

Staff Notified

Your employees receive notifications from your guests and their colleagues to be notified in real time to ease the communication.

Multi-properties Pushes

If your app contains several hotels, your push will direct the user to the right hotel at the right page.

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